About us

At Landmark Business IT, we specialize in providing companies with the expert support needed to propel their technology into the 21st century. We stay current with the latest developments in networking, information technology and cloud computing to help our clients maintain a competitive edge within their industry.

As a managed IT services provider, Landmark Business IT offers all-inclusive tech support services that allow clients to call us anytime, for any reason. This all-in approach to IT support means we can provide expert services for any PC and Mac computing needs, including cloud services, on-site IT assessments and audits, maintenance and upgrades, and start-to-finish project management.

Landmark Business IT even offers on-demand CIO services to help achieve a big-picture perspective on the challenges companies face today. Our exceptional degree of expertise ensures that networking and computing connections are on point, keeping the companies who trust us at the forefront of their industry and on the cutting edge of technological progress.

Landmark Business IT offers the services companies need now and in the future. From business process optimization, to managed Backup as a Service, to commercial and retail WiFi support, Landmark Business IT is all you need.

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Full-service IT solutions & support services





Design, development, implementation, and technical support

—all from one qualified provider.


Network Support & Systems Administration


Disaster Recovery & Emergency Services


Computer Equipment & Repairs


Email, Hosting, & DNS Management

Discover our Core Services

Cloud Computing

If a cloud business model is the right choice for your organization, we are here to help. Did you know that almost ANY computing environment or network can be migrated to the cloud, even if it wasn’t designed

Management Software

We give you the tools you need to make database software shine. From electronic medical records & imaging suites to hospitality point of sale to CRM/ERP integrations, We’re also the liaison when it’s necessary to invoke the tech support from software companies.

General IT

General IT Consulting

On average our clients are statistically more successful than their competitors. Put us in your corner, and see how easy it is to reach new heights with properly-functioning IT in place.

Backup & Replication

Reliable data protection is no longer considered optional for any business; In fact, it’s required for industry compliance in many sectors of the economy. We offer complete peace of mind with an array of robust local & offsite backup solutions.

Cyber Security

Audits, best practices analysis & implementation, & cleanups from breach or compromise. Being a full-service firm, we also shine when it comes to the paperwork, politics, and compliance side of things.


Staff Augmentation

If you’re an IT manager, you already know: When it’s smooth sailing, it can be hard finding tasks to keep your staff busy, but in the midst of a meltdown you find yourself longing for more boots on the ground. Rather than take on more full-time staff,